Community Interview with Bitcoin Meester

What does your company do?

Bitcoin Meester is a secure, fast and easy platform on which you can buy, sell and store various cryptocurrencies. We make it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are always available by phone, email or chat. Your cryptocurrency is immediately visible in your account after purchase, without any delays.

Bitcoin Meester is a company based in the Netherlands and is part of Coin Meester B.V. Follow us on Twitter or visit our website for more information.

Why/How did the company start (purpose)?

The owners started with the vision of making crypto more accessible and especially easier. In early 2017, it was difficult to easily and quickly buy or sell crypto with euros. We built a bridge between an old and new world as fiat gateway

What are the goals and ambitions of the company?

At Bitcoin Master, we like to move with the market. We have a lot of great extensions on our roadmap to show the crypto world that we are the platform to buy but also sell your crypto.

Why are you part of the BCNL community?

BCNL is an organization where all companies and individuals in the crypto and blockchain community come together. Together you stand strong and together you conquer a place in Europe. The landscape is big enough for multiple companies in our sector and if you work together in certain areas you can only grow.

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