We support organizations in understanding and applying IOT sensor, blockchain and smart contracts technology. We offer interactive simulation trainings and workshops and we build business applications in logistics and facility management using these technologies.


Bitladon is an online platform where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency. We make it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrency, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bitladon is part of Coin Meester B.V. and is a company registered in The Netherlands.


CargoLedger delivers digital transformation for the supply chain, transport and logistics. Operating an online distributed platform on top of Ethereum for easy and safe information sharing. With proof-of-origin, proof-of-delivery/actions and payment-on-delivery. We save our customers up to 75 cents on every 1 EURO spent on order handling and administration.


Coinmerce is a European, euro ⇄ cryptocurrency trading platform that focuses entirely on usability and simplicity to offer its users a safe, educational, enjoyable and straightforward experience. The Coinmerce platform is connected to various external exchanges and bundles liquidity through its smart order system to offer the best prices to its users automatically.