What To Expect At The Dutch Web3 Event of the Year – BCNL Event at The Dutch Blockchain Week 2023

BCNL Event

The Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL) is gearing up for their standout web3 event during Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 at the ASML headquarters in Veldhoven. The event is set to be a focal point for all web3 professionals and enthusiasts in the European web3 industry, marking the largest gathering of the entire Dutch Blockchain Week. As the date approaches, mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 15th. Here’s more about what to expect: don’t miss this opportunity to connect and shape the future of web3 in Europe.

BCNL Event Venue Spotlight: ASML Headquarters in Veldhoven

Located in the Brainport Eindhoven region, the ASML headquarters in Veldhoven stands as a testament to European tech innovation and will proudly host the BCNL event. This location is not only ASML’s central office but also a significant hub for research, development, and manufacturing. Often referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of Europe’, Brainport Eindhoven’s rich tech history is deeply intertwined with the Philips legacy, a connection that remains evident today. The city’s reputation as a global high-tech manufacturing and design hotspot is ever-growing. While ASML is a beacon of innovation, it’s surrounded by over 200 other tech companies in Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus. This cluster is responsible for nearly 40% of all Dutch patent applications, earning the campus the title of ‘the smartest square kilometer in Europe’. With its proximity to such a vibrant tech community and a blend of state-of-the-art facilities, the ASML headquarters provides the perfect setting for the BCNL event.

BCNL Event Schedule: A Sneak Peak Into The Day’s Activities

The BCNL event is set for Wednesday, November 15th. Starting at 10:00 AM, the day will feature web3 panels and breakout sessions until 4:00 PM. Afterward, attendees can look forward to the “Borrel” at 5:00 PM. Here’s what the day offers:

Web3 Panels

These sessions will provide attendees with a full understanding of web3’s current landscape. From the European CBDC landscape to blockchain systems and IoT, these panels will cover all the emerging trends and developments in the web3 space. Expert panelists from leading tech companies, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies will guide discussions, offering insights, discussing challenges, and forecasting future trends all about web3. Let’s spotlight some of the key speakers who will be sharing their expertise:

David Palmer

A Top 30 Metaverse Industry Leader, Palmer offers insights from the intersection of blockchain and IoT. His role as the chief product officer of Vodafone’s Digital Asset Broker (DAB) offers a unique perspective on how these technologies converge.

Menno Broos

Leading the Project for the Digital Euro at De Nederlandsche Bank, Broos brings over a decade of experience. His session will delve into the European CBDC landscape, offering attendees a clear picture of its current state and future trajectory.

Daniel Rood

As the Head of Google’s Digital Natives Incubator (EMEA), Rood will discuss the evolving web3 space, highlighting its potential intersections with established tech sectors.

Sten Reijers

Co-founder of Veri.ID, Reijers will discuss the future of digital identification, touching on topics like onboarding and the role of EU digital ID wallets.

Marjolein Geus

With a background in regulations, Geus will provide insights into the regulatory challenges and opportunities in the blockchain domain, drawing from her extensive experience with projects like the European Blockchain Sandbox.

Beyond the main panels and key speakers, the BCNL event promises some of the most exciting Web3 breakout sessions in the industry.

Breakout Sessions

This year’s breakout sessions are designed for attendees who wish to dive deeper into specific areas of web3. Each session is tailored to a niche web3 topic, ensuring that participants can explore further into areas they’re most passionate about. Whether it’s the financial implications of blockchain or the tokenization of assets, a wide range of different topics will be covered hosted by several BCNL community members like;

These breakout sessions aren’t just about passive learning. They’re interactive, encouraging attendees to share their perspectives and collaborate with peers, making them a hotbed for networking and forging meaningful connections in the industry.

Breakouts are provided by Concordium, ASML, Deloitte, Sphereon, Authic Labs, Settle Network, DeSocialWorld, TDE, Kalipo, Flagship and WatsonLaw.

Networking “Borrel”

The BCNL Event ends with a networking session and attendees can look forward to the “Borrel”! Hosted in ASML Headquarters, the beautiful modern building is the perfect setting for participants to unwind and engage in more personal conversations. It’s an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and share a laugh over a drink or two. Whether you’re looking to discuss the finer points of a panel discussion or just mingle with like-minded individuals, the “Borrel” will be the perfect ending to a full day of web3.


A curated selection of meals and refreshments will be available for participants to stay focused and refreshed. From morning coffee to keep the energy up, to a variety of lunch options and light snacks, we’ve got it all covered.

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