BCNL startup webinar recording: Corona Support measures for entrepreneurs by Holthaus

In this webinar, Jeroen Holthaus, Lorena Velasco Cruz and Imre Parkanyi on behalf of Holthaus Advies shared their knowledge and experience in regards to financial governmental covid-19 corona measures on topics such as:

• “NOW”
• Postponement of tax payment
• “Tozo”
• SME credit guarantee scheme
• Emergency counter
• Postponement loan repayments to banks
• “COL”
• Rent deferral and/or remission
• Customary salary for DMS
• ‘Fiscal corona provision’
• Mortgages and mortgage applications
• Expansion of budget for SEED Capital Scheme

// AGENDA //
16:00 Intro BCNL and the webinar
16:05 Presentation by Jeroen and Lorena
16:35 Q&A session
17:00 End

Holthaus Advies is an accountancy and consultancy firm situated in the very heart of Amsterdam. The core business of Holthaus Advies consists of bookkeeping, compiling annual accounts, salary administration and filing tax returns. Yet we go a lot further than most accountancy firms: as an extension of our financial and tax practice, we also provide tax and legal advice. In addition, Holthaus Advies has a commercially inspired corporate finance department. We believe it is our obligation to help others. We have initiated Account Your Future (AYF), whereby New Dutch Citizens (status holders) with a financial background are trained to become finance professionals in The Netherlands. AYF is not profit driven and is supported by fellow financial administration and accountancy firms, law firms, banks and the Holthaus managers.

Jeroen Holthaus – Managing director Holthaus Advies
Jeroen is the founder and managing partner of Holthaus Advies. Jeroen worked as a tax lawyer for EY at the department of MultiNational Corporate Tax. Here, Jeroen primarily advised multinational clients in various tax issues. Jeroen left EY in 2007 and shortly thereafter founded Holthaus Advies. Jeroen studied Tax Law at the University of Amsterdam.…

Lorena Velasco Cruz Lorena is the co-founder of Holthaus Legal and advises on legal matters. She obtained a Masters degree after finalizing Law and Technology at Tilburg University, a program with heavy focus on (new) media, e-commerce and intellectual property. In 2019 after six years of working for different multinationals, she decided to take the opportunity and start a legal firm.Because of her experience as a Legal Counsel for, amongst others, the stock listed tech-giant Aalberts, Lorena has built a vast amount of expertise in areas such as contract law, employment law, liability law and corporate law. Next to that as a Privacy Officer she was responsible for both the implementation and compliance of General Data Protection Regulation, and as a Compliance Officer for the governance within the organization.…

Imre Parkanyi Imre is a co-shareholder at Holthaus.
Together with Jeroen, he is responsible for the overall management of the company, as well as the scaling up of the civil society project Account Your Future (link). Prior to joining Holthaus in 2015, Imre worked as a business manager and fundraiser in the cultural and creative sector. During these years, Imre’s affinity for figures evolved and in 2012 he decided to, in addition to his regular work, take on the part-time training course Business Administration & Accountancy (VBA).

// About BCNL Foundation //
BCNL is thé community for blockchain, crypto and DLT startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands.