Blockchain and crypto lobby in the Netherlands

The blockchain lobby in the Netherlands has been going on for a while now. It is important to note that in the beginning this involved a relatively small group of entrepreneurs, companies and enthusiasts. Especially in the years shortly after the emergence of Bitcoin. Slowly but surely more and more people started to discover Bitcoin and the blockchain. After the size of the blockchain lobby in the Netherlands, this also continues to increase.
The blockchain lobby club in the Netherlands is currently the BCNL Foundation. You will come across everything that has to do with blockchain here.

At the same time, the growth of the blockchain lobby in the Netherlands is also an important observation. Every time the fame of the blockchain grows, so do the efforts in terms of blockchain lobbying in the Netherlands. The intrinsic qualities of the blockchain are simply overwhelming. Hence, more and more people are urging it to improve education in this field. The more people learn about the blockchain, the faster the development will be. That is BCNL’s vision.

What is the blockchain representation in government?

Blockchain representation in government is not yet exactly the case. This probably has a lot to do with one of the core values ​​of blockchain in general; decentralization.
If there’s one thing the government isn’t exactly in favor of, it’s decentralization. This reduces the influence of the government. The moment Bitcoin becomes the default currency, it will no longer be possible for the government to exert so much influence over it. Certainly not if Bitcoin were to be embraced worldwide.
Blockchain representation in government is nevertheless something that is coming. Especially now that the blockchain also offers options in the field of smart contracts and NFTs. This is automatically something that governments are also interested in. Especially given the increasing extent to which it plays a role in daily life. Just think of the introduction of NFTs on Instagram and Facebook. One of the most recent positive developments in this sector.

Web3 information for everyone

Web3 information is expected to become increasingly important in the coming months and years. Where web1 was the initial internet on which you could find a lot of information, web2 became the ‘social’ internet. Consider the introduction of social media. With web3, it’s time for the next revolution. Web3 information is therefore crucial to take steps in the following areas:

• Decentralization: Decentralization is one of the hallmarks of web3. With the introduction of the blockchain, for example, there is less control for governments and large companies. Thanks to decentralization it is possible to distribute control among the users. As a result, a group of users of Bitcoin, for example, is not dependent on what the ‘owner’ of Bitcoin determines. There is simply no owner.

• Digital ownership: Another important part of web3 information is digital ownership. This is where NFTs come in. Digital ownership is one of the great developments of recent times. This makes it possible for individuals to be the sole owner of digital objects. This creates things like scarcity, art objects, competition, etc.

Become part of the largest blockchain lobby club in the Netherlands

Part of the blockchain lobby in the Netherlands is therefore that web3 information must be accessible to more and more people. At the BCNL Foundation, we firmly believe in this. We like to include people and companies in our blockchain community.

The idea is that people learn about these technologies early on so they can use them wisely. Technological revolutions in the past have always shown that the right information is extremely valuable in the long run. That’s why you can’t get there early enough.

Take action today and join the largest blockchain lobby club in the Netherlands. BCNL supports collaboration like no other. Together we are working on a future in which blockchain will play an increasingly important role.