Blockchain-as-a-Service provider mintBlue, secures significant investment of EURO 2M

Blockchain-as-a-service (BAAS) platform provider mintBlue has closed a 2M investment round led by Two Hop Ventures, with support from a Dutch business angel and Ayre Ventures.
mintBlue is the go-to platform for software developers to
build with blockchain technology. mintBlue offers a proprietary API that allows small as well as large companies to migrate their data to the public blockchain, thereby increasing the security of the data is increased, as well as traceability and interoperability.
With the innovative developer kit or SDK that offers data storage directly on the blockchain, mintBlue aims to become the “decentralized AWS.
mintBlue’s solutions are ‘non-custodial’; The enables end-users to ability to have control over their data and to do so without user lock-in. The software supports a very large scale and creates the possibility of developing new revenue models through micropayments starting at one thousandth of a eurocent. mintBlue’s software allows their growing customer base the opportunity to focus on their core business without having to invest time and resources to invest to understand the complex infrastructure of blockchain.
Learn more about the products mintBlue offers – such as NFT
invoicing, micropayments, data integrity and verification of
documents – on the website. mintBlue was recently selected by VISMA | yuki, a European
market leader in cloud-based accounting packages, to integrate blockchain functionalities into their business processes. mintBlue has already processed more than 700,000 NFT invoices for VISMA | Yuki at an extremely low cost per invoice, while an extremely low cost per invoice, while increasing their efficiency and removes important aspects that encourage financial fraud.
The Dutch business angel who invested in mintBlue says the
following about it:
“Blockchain technology is fascinating, and the mintBlue team has managed to succeeded in developing one of the first use cases for the public blockchain together with Visma
development together with Visma, with many more interesting projects in the pipeline.”
About the investment round, the CEO of mintBlue, Niels van den Bergh, has this to say:
“This investment allows mintBlue to continue the journey to
become the de-facto blockchain infrastructure provider for web3.
Platforms will lose market share to protocols and mintBlue is there to support that transition.”
Two Hop Ventures general partner Alex Fauvel said:
“mintBlue has a very knowledgeable team with extensive experience in the blockchain industry, and Two Hop Ventures is therefore very proud to be supported in their first round of investment. With great partners and customers experimenting with managing data on the blockchain, it is only a matter of time that both traditional and modern companies are using mintBlue for their integrations with the blockchain.”
Ayre Ventures founder Calvin Ayre adds:
“BitcoinSV (BSV) is the only public blockchain that scales infinitely and mintBlue is highlighting this unique quality of BSV by processing large transaction volumes at a minimal cost. I view mintBlue as the European answer to Alchemy, a Blockchain based developer platform in the United States, who recently made an investment round of $200m at a valuation
of $10b. When the opportunity to accelerate business via the
BSV blockchain by mintBlue appears more in the spotlight, I see mintBlue realizing the hypergrowth of Alchemy as well.”


mintBlue makes blockchain development easy. Users
can focus on their solution instead of the complex
underlying blockchain infrastructure. mintBlue offers data storage solutions, which allow data to be stored, shared and
monetize without giving up ownership of the data.
mintBlue is Europe’s first public blockchain platform to be used at scale

Two Hop Ventures is a venture capital fund that focuses exclusively on start-ups building infrastructure for next-generation Internet applications.

The infrastructure that supports this major technological
leap forward will allow users to truly own their data and other assets to truly own them, i.e. not companies like Facebook,
Google, etc., through the combination of blockchain technology with the Internet. Two Hop believes that the Bitcoin SV blockchain is the only long-term solution that can support this revolution. The fund has a traditional structure and is registered with the AFM in the Netherlands and operates under the EU AIFMD light regime. The does not hold any BSV or other crypto and only invests in early-stage start-ups that are building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Their general manager maximizes return on investment by maintaining a balanced portfolio that provides the core infrastructure in this growing ecosystem.

Ayre Ventures, founded by internationally celebrated entrepreneur and philanthropist Calvin Ayre, provides capital for scalable, high-growth companies in the BSV blockchain ecosystem, the only public blockchain platform that scales infinitely. The group invests in innovative ideas and ambitious projects that are “positively disruptive are, the group supports this growth with their extensive network and partners in the industry.