Blockchain Lab

Nederlandse Blockchain & Cryptoscene vestigt zich in voormalige koepelgevangenis Haarlem

  • BCNL introduces first Blockchain Lab of the Benelux in former Haarlem dome prison ‘Cupola XS’
  • Opening brings international ecosystem of companies, governments, startups, regulators, collectors, artists, developers and institutions together in one place
Haarlem, 10 February 2022

The entire Dutch blockchain and cryptocurrency community will come together on 16 February for the opening of the Netherlands’ first ‘Blockchain Lab’, in the former Haarlem dome prison ‘Cupola XS’. The BCNL (Blockchain Netherlands Foundation) will be introducing the Netherlands’ first official blockchain lab there. The ‘Blockchain Lab’ aims to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and improve the climate for Web3, Crypto, DeFi and NFT, by setting up research projects, 

“We are at the beginning of a crazy revolution in our society, which is partly shaped by blockchain technology. Our role is to bring together all the players in the ecosystem and work towards education, innovation and acceptance of blockchain technology. For us, the new dome prison ‘Cupola XS’ perfectly reflects the Dutch blockchain and crypto currency ecosystem: a large beehive in which we work together with all our partners in the first physical blockchain lab of the Benelux,” said Jan Scheele, board member BCNL Foundation.

MKB digitalises from Haarlem ‘Cupola XS’ prison

The former Haarlem prison has recently been converted into a tech campus where, together with Haarlem Campus and other educational institutions, work is being done on digitising the SME sector. The Blockchain Lab is one of the seven digitisation labs that is active with programming and community. “There is a huge acceleration coming with new digital tech applications for SMEs. At Cupola XS, we believe that it is crucial to inspire and support people to join these developments earlier. That is exactly what we are doing together with BCNL, Endeavour Group and Haarlem Campus the first NFT event,” said Mike Rijkers of Cupola XS.