Blockchain Netherlands: How is the Netherlands working with blockchain?

The blockchain as a technology is now also growing in popularity in the Netherlands. Blockchain events in the Netherlands are therefore increasingly common. The same applies to applications of blockchain technology.

Blockchain in the Netherlands: Current Applications

Many companies and organizations are already implementing blockchain technology today. For example, you have large companies such as IBM, Google and Samsung that operate in the Netherlands. But also more specifically, there are Dutch startups that have a lot of ambition in this sector.

Hyperledger is a good example; an open source collaborative effort to accelerate the implementation of blockchain technologies across industries. Or 2Tokens, a foundation that promotes tokenization in the Netherlands.
Universities and other training providers are also increasingly offering courses in blockchain technology in the Netherlands. For example, there is the Delft Blockchain Lab at TU Delft that is involved in this. And there is a HBO LOI training in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Blockchain events

For enthusiasts, blockchain events are an excellent opportunity to learn more about blockchain technology in general. But there is also a lot to learn for people who are new to this concept. In terms of blockchain events in the Netherlands, a lot is being organized.

For example, consider the following blockchain events in the Netherlands:

  • BCNL events
  • Blockchain Expo Europe
  • Bitcoin Wednesday
  • Dutch Blockchain Week

The advantage of crypto events in the Netherlands

Crypto events in the Netherlands have a lot of valuable information to offer. However, this only concerns a small part of the potential applications of blockchain technology. For a broader picture of the blockchain sector in general, blockchain events are recommended. Cryptocurrencies are part of this, but blockchain as a technology goes much further. Think, for example, of a visit to the very instructive BCNL events. These events significantly broaden your blockchain knowledge. They therefore have the following advantages to offer:

• Develop more expertise in blockchain: In the Netherlands, there is a relatively large amount of knowledge about blockchain technology among certain start-ups and blockchain experts. That is why blockchain events in the Netherlands offer an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into the material. You will learn everything about the blockchain and the opportunities that come with it. Not only with regard to Bitcoin and the blockchain itself, but also with regard to hot topics such as NFTs and the metaverse.

• Catching up on the latest developments: Catching up on the latest developments is one of the most valuable consequences of attending blockchain events in the Netherlands. Since this is a relatively new form of technology, innovative ideas follow each other in quick succession. The recent introduction of NFTs and the increasing interest in the metaverse are good examples of this. However, it certainly doesn’t stop there. Do you always want to be aware of what exactly is going on? Then you have to be actively involved.

• Very accessible: The blockchain events in the Netherlands are very accessible. It is a topic of conversation in many communities. The fact that there are several blockchain events underlines this. In many cases you are more than welcome to do a ‘deep dive’ into the blockchain as a technology. Is this something you would also like to participate in? And do you prefer to do this with like-minded people?

NFT events Netherlands

At NFT events in the Netherlands, you will learn more about the applications of a non-fungible token (NFT). This has everything to do with the recent increase in the popularity of NFTs in general. There is an enormous amount of money going around in this world. In addition, there are more and more ways to use NFTs in everyday life. This means that the ‘utility’ of many projects is constantly increasing. Well-known NFT events in the Netherlands are, for example:
• NFT con
• NFTx

Defi events Netherlands

Defi in crypto stands for decentralizing traditional financial systems. We call this decentralized finance, or defi for short. Since this is a particularly innovative development, there are many defi events in the Netherlands that pay attention to this. Defi is also closely related to blockchain technology. Since it now plays such a major role in blockchain, many blockchain events also pay attention to it as standard. Defi and the blockchain are now inextricably linked. They go hand in hand when it comes to the blockchain revolution.

All in all, the topic of ‘blockchain’ in the Netherlands is on the rise. Would you like to be part of the blockchain revolution and stay informed of the latest trends? Discover the most relevant blockchain events in the Netherlands at the moment. This way you proactively look for valuable information that not everyone is aware of yet.