Dutch Blockchain Days 2022

Thé Dutch Blockchain & Web3 Ecosystem Event

After the great success of last years, the Dutch Blockchain Days will take place again! The leading event in The Netherlands on everything blockchain and crypto will be held again from the 13th to 17th of June.


Join fellow change makers, professionals, entrepreneurs, governments, corporates, regulators and other enthusiasts from the field. The DBD22 will host a blend of physical, virtual and hybrid events, organized by us as BCNL Foundation, blockchain communities, professionals and organizations all over The Netherlands. We’re also really excited about our partnerships with two leading other events during the DBD; The Next Web and MET AMS.

We kick off on Monday 13th the main BCNL Foundation event takes place, followed by a week of partner events and we close off with the big BCNL borrel. 

Check out content of the DBD ’22
Friday Borrel

Check out content of the last edition of the DBD:

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– aftermovie here

See below for the full 2022 program.

Monday, 13th of June 

* Dutch Blockchain Days | Main Program, brought to you by the BCNL Foundation | Virtual | See speakers below | Register for the event for free here
13:00 – 18:00 (Online Event from Deloitte studio)


Tuesday, 14th of June 

NFT Playground venue opening event in Amsterdam
17:00 – 21:00
Register here for free tickets.

Help ik wil beginnen met Blockchain (Utrecht)
16:00 – 18:00

Register here for free tickets. 

Wednesday, 15th of June

* How to DAO it | DAO Hub | Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO’s) | KVK | Register here for tickets. (Amsterdam)
13:00 – 19:00

* TheNextWeb The Street Party | Reguliersdwarsstraat


Thursday, 16th of June

Day 1 of The Next Web Conference 2022 Main Event
All day (Amsterdam)

Rethinking the system with Blockchain 

Register here for tickets. (Haarlem)

Spark! Living Lab Blockchain Conference


Register here for free tickets. (Zoetermeer)

Nash Exclusive: The future of everyday finance

Register here for free tickets. (Amsterdam)


Friday, 17th of June

Day 2 of The Next Web Conference 2022 Main Event
All day (Amsterdam)

Unveil Pre-launch event

Register here for free tickets. (Amsterdam)

* BCNL Borrel – on invitation (Amsterdam)
16.00 – 20.00


Tuesday – Friday

Speakers at the BCNL main program (13.6.22)

Dennis Post is part of EY’s Advanced Technology Tax Lab and EY’s Global Blockchain Tax Leader. The ‘Tax Lab’ is dedicated to solving complex tax issues through the application of advanced technologies. Based in Amsterdam, Dennis holds a PhD in corporate tax and is a specialist in international taxation with solid knowledge of international and Dutch tax law. His focus lies on serving clients in the blockchain and digital asset space as well as to help clients with the implementation of their Web 3 / Metaverse strategy (e.g. NFTs). He co-leads the blockchain research as part of the research project “Designing the tax system for a cashless, platform-based and technology -driven society. Author of numerous publications on domestic and international tax matters and speaker at courses and conferences on the convergence of tax and technology.

Krijn Soeteman is a Dutch science and technology journalist with special interest in bitcoin and blockchain related technologies and its spin-offs. He has followed bitcoin since he found out about the technology in late 2011 but his real interest started growing around the famous The DAO hack in mid 2016 on the Ethereum network. Krijn wrote two books on the subject, a Cryptocurrency for Dummies (in Dutch, translated into German) and an encyclopedia in the Ensie series, in Dutch as well, symply called the Crypto Encyclopedia. The first just received an extensive update on Web 3, DAO’s and NFT’s; the second came out late May.

Mahir Alkaya worked as a policy officer at the Ministry of Economic Affairs for six years. As a Member of Parliament, Alkaya is responsible for finance, economic affairs, taxes, IT and mobility. He has called on the government not to privatize De Volksbank and advocates for the establishment of a National Payments and Savings Bank. In the 2021 parliamentary elections, he was in third place on the SP candidate list and was re-elected. In 2022 he released his book “Van wie wordt ons geld?” in which he writes about the rise of digital money and CBDC.

Before Peter Jackson popularized Tolkien’s LOTR, Aragorn already rocked that name. An Early- Adopter by birth with a massive passion for tech; Crypto, AI, AR, VR, Transhumanism, and the Metaverse. A LinkedIn Alumni, Former Public Speaking Coach, and Social Selling Doctor, he is now dedicated to the

lovechild of the aforementioned technologies, the YourOpenMetaverse Platform, spreading the Evangelism one stage at a time.

Wouter Kloosterman is the Co-Founder and CEO of Authic.

Authic is the first curated NFT-marketplace in the Benelux built on the Ethereum blockchain. We are an easy-to-use platform in Dutch and English, where we make NFT’s accessible and understandable for anyone.

Mentor is a developer and investor in the crypto space. He has been around since about 2013 and currently spends his time between POAP, OnionDAO and open source projects. You can follow his work on Twitter at @actuallymentor

Niels is the CEO of mintBlue. mintBlue’s software empowers organisations to use the blockchain to combat fraud and enhance security, so they are ready for the next web.

Rudolf van Ee is an entrepreneur in Web3 and Blockchain since 2016. He is Founder and Board Member of the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL), building blockchain tech teams with AIX21, running Ethereum Proof of Stake validator nodes on Rocket Pool at Smart Node Capital and currently launching the Aircastle DAO.

For 8 years he has been working full time as blockchain, smart contract and blockchain & DAO governance expert. Besides being founder – partner at Emerging Horizons, and Board Member at Ledger Leopard, he is a PhD candidate in blockchain and DAO governance at TU Delft, is strongly involved in the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, member of the ISO world standardisation groups for smart contracts and blockchain governance, advises various blockchain start-ups, is Board Member of the 2Tokens Foundation, heading their research team, researching tokenization and regulatory requirements as well as leading the 2Tokens Euro-Stablecoin group, working on implementing an Euro-pegged stablecoin in the Netherlands and is guest lecturer at various universities worldwide.

Titus de Jong is the Co-founder and commercial director of Unveil.

Jan is founder of Bloqon, a web3 advisory boutique, where he is advising organizations ranging from pension funds and multinationals to festivals and scaleups on the possibilities and implementation of all aspects of blockchain technology, like crypto, NFTs, metaverse, smart contracts and more. After organizing 50 TEDx events, he founded event agency The Mavens. He furthermore founded speaker coaching agency Talk like TED, where as a story- & presentation coach he guides speakers on storytelling and inspiring delivery on stage. In the past years he coached over 3000 professionals worldwide and worked with organizations like Google, Deloitte, Refresco, Accenture and Shell.

In his free time, he is Digital Leader at the World Economic Forum and board member at the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation.

Reginald Fonseca is a Blockchain Consultant at Deloitte with a background in Cyber Security. He connects the worlds of technology and business. Reginald helps organizations with development of blockchain-based systems with a strategic approach. His experience lies in designing complex blockchain-based architectures like land registries, DeFi applications, NFT systems, and cryptocurrency custody systems. He worked as a Fundamental Cryptocurrency Analyst, conducting research on cryptocurrencies, technologies, and tokenomics. Currently, he is researching DeFi applications by looking at vulnerabilities and analyzing exploits. His research focuses on Cross-Chain Bridges exploits to better understand the vulnerabilities of complex DeFi systems and provide advice, best practices, and solutions to address these issues and prevent similar exploits in the future.

Nine Bennink is specialist in the field of Intellectual Property, Privacy and AI. Nine is a lawyer for entrepreneurs and gives clear and honest advice since 2014.

Experienced Information Management Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the government administration industry, especially in the field of Tax Governance and Strategy & Technological Innovation. Skilled in Operations Management, Government, Management, Managerial Finance, and Process Management. Strong accounting professional graduated from University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Economics and Business.

We’re excited about our partnerships with three leading other events during the DBD; The Next Web; DAO and MET AMS.

Check out the aftermovie of DBD21