Dutch Blockchain Awards <> call for nominees!

During the Dutch Blockchain Week 2020, the first Dutch Blockchain Awards will take place!

Projects, companies and people with outstanding impact and relevance will be rewarded by the community (by voting) on Friday the 4th of December.

Our partner Computable has provided the technical infrastructure for this.
We’re handing out awards in 6 categories. Want to nominate a person, startup, organization?



Social impact award:
What project or organization has had an incremental social impact, using blockchain technology?

Enterprise solution award:|
What is the best (permissioned) blockchain solution, that was made and launched successfully, within a Dutch organization?

Public solution award: 
What is the best public (permissionless) solution, that was made with blockchain technology, in The Netherlands?

Impactful person award: 
Who is the most impactful person in the Dutch blockchain ecosystem and why?

BCNL community award:
Which BCNL startup/scale-up deserves special recognition from the community?See the Startup Directory for company overview: https://bcnl.foundation/startup-directory/

Meaningful education award: 
Which project or company deserves credit for its amazing efforts to teach and create awareness in business and society?


Apply nominees here: https://awards.computable.nl/dutch-blockchain-awards

Nominees will be selected for the online voting round, by a professional jury. 


BCNL is thé community for blockchain, crypto and DLT startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands.

Website: https://bcnl.foundation/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bcnlfoundation
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