Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 – Award Winners: Celebrating Web3 Innovation and Excellence

Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 – Award Winners: Celebrating Web3 Innovation and Excellence


Following the Dutch Blockchain Award ceremony hosted by BCNL and Computable, Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 proudly unveils the winners of the fourth Dutch Blockchain Awards. This ceremony spotlights individuals, companies, and projects that have made a profound and positive impact on the blockchain and crypto industry. The atmosphere during the ceremony was filled with excitement as attendees eagerly awaited the winners. With a record number of votes and a diverse range of companies in the running, the competition showcased the built up excitement for the web3 space. As the winners stepped up to receive their awards, the room erupted with applause, celebrating their remarkable achievements and creating a moment filled with appreciation from everyone in the crowd. Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 celebrated not only the winners but also the collaborative spirit of the web3 community. Now, let’s take a closer look at the remarkable achievements brought forth by this year’s outstanding recipients.

BCNL Community Award Winner – Bitvavo

This years recipient of the BCNL Community Award is Bitvavo, a platform launched in 2018 with a mission to close the gap between traditional currencies and digital assets. Based in Amsterdam, a dedicated team continuously enhances and expands the Bitvavo platform. It’s no surprise that Bitvavo has won the BCNL Community Award; offering access to over 200 digital assets, with a user base exceeding 1 million and a staggering total exchanged volume of over 100 billion.

Bitvavo’s commitment is to make digital assets accessible to everyone through transparent fees and a user-friendly platform. With a vision to play a central role in the adoption of digital assets, Bitvavo bridges the traditional and innovative aspects of the financial landscape. Combining the ease of a broker platform, the cost-effectiveness of the exchange, and stringent compliance and security protocols, Bitvavo delivers on everything you would expect from a top crypto-exchange. This recognition as the BCNL Community Award Winner is a testament to Bitvavo’s commitment to providing a secure, user-friendly, and efficient platform, making it a top choice for crypto enthusiasts worldwide.

Best Newcomer Award – Celebratix

Earning the Best Newcomer Award, Celebratix introduces an innovative approach to event management by leveraging blockchain technology. This newcomer in the field is aiming to revolutionize the landscape of ticketing, offering event organizers a seamless and secure solution before, during, and after events.

With a seamless Blockchain Infrastructure, Celebratix ensures 100% secure ticketing, allowing organizers to take back control over the secondary market. Every ticket becomes an experience in itself, thanks to Celebratix’s Digital Collectibles as tickets. This newcomer is changing the game with NFT Ticketing, addressing the shortcomings of traditional ticketing systems through the implementation of blockchain technology.

Celebrateix’s commitment to solving industry challenges and providing a cutting-edge solution is recognized with the Best Newcomer Award. Its impact on the event management landscape is inevitable and marked by an unwavering dedication to an elevated experience for both organizers and attendees alike.

Enterprise Solution Award – HydroTwin by Docklab

Receiving the prestigious Enterprise Solution Award, HydroTwin by Docklab emerges as the blockchain-based solution to managing hydrogen supply chains. Offering a comprehensive solution, HydroTwin de-risks, simplifies, and optimizes the entire hydrogen supply chain. HydroTwin acts as a real-time dataroom tailored for the intricacies of supply chain reality, aligning seamlessly with due diligence requirements in the hydrogen trade. The platform facilitates seamless management and certification of hydrogen, ensuring compliance with legislation for hydrogen producers, traders, and certifiers alike.

Incubated in the Port of Rotterdam, HydroTwin stands on proven supply chain technology. Developed in collaboration with leading Energy Companies, the Erasmus Trade and Commodity Center, the Port of Rotterdam, and HyXchange, the Dutch initiative for hydrogen market infrastructure, HydroTwin is now expanding within a comprehensive ecosystem. Incubated by Docklab and backed by the Port of Rotterdam, HydroTwin stands as a testament to the ethos of web3, and is no surprise that they have won the enterprise solution award this year.

Technology Implementation Award – Ledger Leopard

Ledger Leopard, founded by Jeroen van Megchelen and Johan Mastenbroek, receives the Technology Implementation Award for its visionary applications of blockchain tech. Recognizing the challenges faced by businesses, they harnessed blockchain, self-sovereign identity, tokenization, and verifiable credentials to create a more secure and decentralized future.

Specializing in Web3 development and consultancy, Ledger Leopard’s API-based blockchain platform empowers organizations to effortlessly build their decentralized applications (dApps). Beyond platform provision, they deliver custom enterprise-grade dApps, shown by successful projects like BlockchainBaby and MijnZorgLog in the healthcare sector. This award acknowledges Ledger Leopard’s exceptional contribution to implementing blockchain technologies, positioning them as leaders in the web3 landscape.

Education Award Winner – Crypto-Insiders

Crypto-Insiders stands out as facilitator for all web3 information, securing the Education Award this year. Founded in 2017, this online platform aims to make the complex world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency accessible to all. Emerging as the top crypto hub in the Netherlands and Belgium, Crypto-Insiders swiftly transitioned from startup to a key player in the global web3 space.

With a daily output of 14 unique articles, Crypto-Insiders not only keeps pace with crypto developments but leads the conversation. The platform’s success lies in its collaborative

team—innovative individuals who consistently challenge and refine each other. This commitment to breaking down the barriers to web3 education positions Crypto-Insiders as a growing point for everything web3. The Education Award celebrates Crypto-Insiders’ dedication to providing accessible and valuable crypto education to all.

Meaningful Person Award – Victor van der Hulst

Victor van der Hulst, honored with the Meaningful Person Award, stands at the crossroads of evolving digital technologies and their impact on our world. He recognizes the swift changes brought about by digitization, highlighting both the opportunities and potential drawbacks often overlooked in our pursuit of convenience. Victor stresses the importance of understanding technology and conducting real-world experiments to unlock the full potential of emerging technologies.

With a keen interest in emerging technologies, Victor challenges the status quo. He sees blockchain as a game-changer, bringing decentralization and tokenization to the forefront of institutional adoption. In his vision, blockchain minimizes the reliance on reconciliations and intermediaries, creating a trustless open platform. Drawing from 20 years of expertise in software development and project management, Victor, as a consultant, seamlessly blends innovation, leadership, and information management. Colleagues and clients praise him for his results-driven and collaborative approach.The Meaningful Person Award rightfully recognizes Victor van der Hulst’s impactful contributions to the evolving landscape of web3 technology and innovation, and no doubt is someone you want to follow.

Conclusion: Elevating Web3 Horizons Through Innovation and Excellence

As the curtains close on Dutch Blockchain Week 2023, the resounding success of this year’s Dutch Blockchain Awards echoes far beyond the halls of the ASML headquarters. The event not only celebrated the outstanding achievements of Bitvavo, Celebratix, HydroTwin by Docklab, Ledger Leopard, Crypto-Insiders, and Victor van der Hulst but also highlighted the collective brilliance shaping the future of the blockchain and crypto industry.

The collaborative spirit celebrated during this week reinforces the notion that the web3 community thrives on shared enthusiasm and a collective dedication to pushing the boundaries of web3 adoption. The Dutch Blockchain Awards serve not only as a recognition of past accomplishments but as a beacon guiding the industry toward greater heights. In the spirit of continued collaboration and innovation, we eagerly anticipate the future of the web3 landscape.

Join us again next year for another exciting chapter of Dutch Blockchain Week! Stay connected and let’s shape the future of web3 together.