Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 Partners: Shaping the Web3 Future Together

Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 promises to be an exciting journey into the world of blockchain and Web3, and our partners have been more than important in shaping this exciting future. From global giants like VanEck, Coinbase and ASML to web3 companies pushing innovation such as DeSocialWorld and Bybit, our partners represent a diverse and dynamic group all dedicated to exploring the potential of web3. 

Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 is made possible through the support and collaboration of numerous partners, each playing a crucial role in bringing you this week full of web3! As we come closer to the much-anticipated event, we are honored to introduce our valued partners, each contributing their expertise to make Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 an unforgettable experience.

So, who are the main partners for this year’s Dutch Blockchain Week?

Meet Our Main Partners:

VanEck: Institutional Investment Giants in the Web3 World

Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 is proud to have VanEck as one of its Main Partners. VanEck is a leading investment management firm, particularly notable for its involvement in the Web3 and blockchain space, where it has been actively working on providing investment products related to digital assets. They offer Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) that give their customers exposure to major blue-chip Web3 projects like Ethereum, Solana, TRON, Avalanche, and more. VanEck’s involvement in the cryptocurrency space doesn’t stop there! They are currently one of the many firms in the process of applying for a Bitcoin ETF and are all set to break down the barriers for investing into bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Learn more about the rising institutional demand for digital assets and cryptocurrencies with VanEck as one of the main partners of Dutch Blockchain Week 2023.

Bybit: The 4th Largest Cryptocurrency Exchange In The World

Bybit, a key partner of Dutch Blockchain Week, is the 4th largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, boasting over 15 million users. The platform is the second most popular exchange in The Netherlands, and partners with some of the most influential organizations in the Web3 space. With a user-centric approach, Bybit is committed to creating a more approachable trading environment, directly aligning with Dutch Blockchain Week’s mission to share the world of blockchain with attendees.

BitGet: Top Singaporean Derivatives Exchange

BitGet is another leading global crypto exchange that is a major partner of Dutch Blockchain Week 2023. The Singapore based exchange boasts over 8 million users across 100 countries. Founded in Singapore in 2018, BitGet has rapidly climbed the ranks to become one of the top five global derivatives exchanges in terms of trading volume. Specializing in cryptocurrency derivatives trading, BitGet offers futures and options alongside a wide range of services, including spot trading and staking.  If you’re a trader yourself, you can anticipate a wealth of trading discussions and insights at this year’s Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 event.

Concordium: The Layer-1 Champion

Another main partner of the Dutch Blockchain Week 2023 is layer-1 protocol, Concordium. Concordium is not your ordinary layer-1 project —it’s an innovative blockchain equipped with a built-in ID framework, designed to bring a new era of trust to the Web3 space. With features like instant finalized transactions, cost-efficient pegged fees, and a team with leadership experience from renowned companies, including Volvo, IKEA, Credit Suisse, Uber, and Saxo Bank, Concordium is a blockchain with a focus on real-world utility and business applications. With Concordium as a main partner, you can anticipate an exciting discussion of blockchains real-world utility and the digitization of assets at Dutch Blockchain Week 2023.

DeSocialWorld: Pioneering Decentralized Social Media

Our final partner, DeSocialWorld, is a valued main partner of Dutch Blockchain Week and is at the forefront of decentralized social media on the DeSo blockchain. Their commitment to making blockchain technology accessible and inclusive perfectly aligns with Dutch Blockchain Week’s core value of welcoming diverse perspectives. DeSocialWorld’s platform embodies the essence of Dutch Blockchain Week, making web3 technology accessible to a broader audience and expanding its global impact.

BCNL Foundation: The Netherlands’ Blockchain Community

As Dutch Blockchain Week 2023’s main host, BCNL serves as the core of the Dutch blockchain landscape, driving growth with over 60 entrepreneurial companies all involved with Web3. Their collaboration reaches international tech hubs and organizations, highlighting the Dutch Web3 community’s value on a global scale. 

Discover Our Partnership Ecosystem

At Dutch Blockchain Week 2023, collaboration and community are at the heart of everything we do. This thriving ecosystem of partnerships has been the driving force behind our event’s ongoing success. As we prepare to embark on yet another exciting web3 journey, we want to showcase our esteemed partners, event partners, and media partners!

Partners: Our partner organizations are some of the industries biggest names dedicated to unleashing blockchain technology across various sectors. Our esteemed partners include Coinbase, PostNL, COMPUTABLE, SNC.XYZ, AIX21, BLOQON, THRILLD, and CJ Marketing & Consultancy, with each contributing their unique strengths to our shared mission.

Event Partners: Event partners are central in ensuring Dutch Blockchain Week 2023’s success, enriching our program with valuable ecosystem events and unforgettable experiences alike. Our event partners include InHolland Hogeschool, International Blockchain Olympiad, Talk Like TED, TDE – Digital Creatives in Sports, ASML, AIX21, and HAYSTACK PEOPLE, each playing a vital role in hosting and delivering compelling ecosystem events. Breakout hosts at BCNL event at ASML are Concordium, Deloitte, Sphereon, Authic, Settle Network, DeSocialWorld, TDE, Flagship, WatsonLaw and Kalipo.

Media Partners: Our media partners play an essential role in keeping our community well-informed and engaged throughout the event. With industry leaders such as Cointelegraph, Coinspeaker, Cryptotoken, Cryptotakies, Dutchcryptotalk.com, Icoholder, Newsbit, Coincheckup, Coincodex, Blockchain Reporter, Cryptoiniders, and Cryptobenelux, we ensure that the latest blockchain insights and developments are at your fingertips.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity To Connect With Web3 Leaders & Pioneers: Learn More About Dutch Blockchain Week 2023

We extend our gratitude to each partner for their unwavering support and dedication to Dutch Blockchain Week 2023. Together, we aim to showcase the full potential of blockchain technology and shape a brighter web3 future.Join us from November 13th to 17th to be a part of this incredible week full of everything web3!

Remember, throughout the week, you’ll have the opportunity to engage and network with members of our partner ecosystem. Gain valuable connections, explore different perspectives and participate in some of the most pressing discussions at the forefront of the web3 space.

For more information about Dutch Blockchain Week 2023, our partner events, and the event schedule, please visit our official website. Join us in this exciting journey by visiting our official website now!