Strategic Partnership between 2Tokens Foundation and BCNL

2Tokens Foundation and BCNL Foundation announce Strategic Partnership

This Wednesday, February 16th, the 2Tokens foundation and BCNL Foundation have announced a strategic partnership. By connecting the ecosystems of 2Tokens and BCNL, we strengthen the entire Web3 community in the Netherlands and beyond.

As the start of this partnership, a series of roundtable discussions on the impact of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Crypto Assets (tokenization) will be organized. These roundtables have the objective of gaining insight into how society should deal with NFTs, token financing, Crypto Assets, and tokenization in general.  Surrounding countries in the European Union have announced laws and regulations such as MICA. To drive adoption, it is time for Creators, Investors, Regulators, Enterprises, and Developers to come together and clarify the path to tokenization as the NFT industry shows incredible, fast-growing opportunities.

The usage of tokens in society goes back to antiquity and technologies such as Blockchain can dramatically reduce the cost of secure and trusted token exchange. The potential for tokenization to disrupt existing interactions is huge – offering more efficient solutions to existing paradigms (e.g., crowdfunding, fractionalized ownership) as well as opening up whole new models for financing and collaboration. One clear example of a use case for tokens is in funding. While crowdfunding has helped democratize funding, far too often worthwhile ventures remain unfunded. Tokens can potentially bridge the gap between organizations in need of funding and investors, who have funds available. Since tokens are programmable, it offers new opportunities for companies to be more flexible about ownership, voting rights, dividends, and financing. This will drastically affect the core of what a legal entity is.


Would you like to get involved? Then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.