Member interview with

Member interview with

What does your company do?
We help traders automate and optimize their trading strategies and further commercialize them by making the automated strategies available to investors. Our open-source tool (the Engine) makes it possible for the traders to transform their strategies into trading algorithms with little technical knowledge and by just copy/pasting a few lines of code. Once a strategy is automated, we extensively test the algorithm. We provide feedback on their strategy an if the algorithm has passed all tests we further optimize it. This is done with state-of-art machine learning techniques, before making it available for commercial use. After optimizing and validating the profitability and safety of a strategy we offer the algorithms (or so called bots) on third party platforms and on our own platform for investors to use.

Why/How did the company start (purpose)?
Many traders want to do more with their strategies than simply use them for trading. We realized that after many years of working in technology (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) & trading markets, where we met a lot of people who have developed great trading strategies but struggled to further optimize, automate or commercialize them. A lot of these traders wanted to spend time working on their strategies and not on setting up servers and API connections or on marketing so other investors can also use their strategies. We started with the vision to fix all of that for them, so they could work on their strategies while we take care of the rest.This is how was kickstarted. Not long after, the number of investors asking to use the algorithms in their own exchange accounts rapidly increased. That inspired us to develop a platform that does exactly that: Use professional algorithms in the easiest way possible.

What are the goals and ambitions of the company?
We want to offer an all in one platform that makes both strategy development and strategy usage as easy, accessible and secure as possible.


What hurdles and challenges do you experience/foresee? 
The maturing and compliance of crypto is still a challenge. We hope this will become better and better over the years.

Why are you part of the BCNL community?
We want to contribute in a positive way to the (crypto) society, we feel BCNL allows us to contribute more in that direction.

How can people / businesses best engage with you?
Through the contact form on