Member interview with YOUR

What does your company do?

YOUR is the Wikipedia of product content. We are building the first product content NFT marketplace of physical and digital products. With YOUR everyone around the world can create content to earn money. YOUR is gonna be the largest and most extensive decentralized product database with its user generated content that is much richer and more unique than standard product content. Created and maintained by its community.

How did the company start?

In the world of e-commerce and metaverse, product content is crucial. Companies like Amazon, AliExpress, Decentraland and Sandbox are in need of extensive product profiles to increase their conversion rate. It will be too expensive to build their own content creation team so for that reason they are using content providers like YOUR. With YOUR everyone can create content, own it and earn money by enabling product content for the world.

What are the goals and ambitions of the company?

Throughout 2021, we’ve been growing extremely fast with our team and the development of YOUR. We have successfully completed the private sale round with great backers & strategic partners to realize the worldwide growth of YOUR. Our ambition is to be the number one product content provider company for e-commerce, metaverse companies created by our community with millions of creators and curators around the world.

What hurdles and challenges do you experience/foresee? 

Our Wikipedia is built on its community, so we need to grow this community around the world big as soon as possible. Clients who will pay for the data we already have lined up but our community needs to create the content. To tackle this we are heavily focussing on marketing and we will give a kickstarter amount for the early adopters as an extra incentive for creating content. 

How can people / businesses best engage with YOUR?

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