FossilfreeFuture Hackathon by Vattenfall at BCNL Blockchain Lab (Cupola XS)

Sign up for the FossilfreeFuture Hackathon by Vattenfall in collab with Odyssey, Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL Foundation) and other partners. You can join a team and register before the 25th of May.

ou and your students have the opportunity to join us in a completely new mission this year at the 9th and 10th of June and it is our first 31 hours lasting hackathon in this new 3d world. You can have a sneak peak at

Challenge of this year: Develop a new reward system for sustainability

What teams are challenged to do?

Create a prototype that demonstrates the reward towards consumers and how this relates to Vattenfall and its stakeholders.

Make it understandable and attractive so everybody can use it.

The solution is fully open-source and on the protocol level, preferably making use of microtransactions for settlement.

Teams must explore possibilities for doing several thousands of secure transactions per second, without long delays, to have cost-efficient solutions that can enable anyone to contribute and share.

Teams must be creative to rethink the system and not improve on the current one.

How can you join?

Register your team here and also more info:

And as always, there will be a €10.000 cash reward for the best solutions!

Save the dates:

25th of May. Deadline for team registration

On-boarding to Momentum + Prep workshop 1 

When: MON 30 May 15.00-17.00


Prep workshop 2/getting ready event

When: TUE 7 June, 15.00-17.00



When: Start at 09:00 CES on THU 9 and will end at 16:00 CES on FRI 10 June.

Winner will be announced at 20:00 CES on FRI 10 June.

Where: https:/

So do not hesitated and register your team here:

About the Challenge:

That check mark on that website that you tick to compensate for your CO2 has no experience whatsoever, it offers no transparency about what happens with your money and it is not linked to other sectors, organisations and companies. This can and must be improved in order to enable consumers to make sustainable choices and to benefit from them socially and economically. That check should bring you money and influence!

Who can join the Hackathon?

Form your team and select your best developers, team captain and don’t forget a good story teller. Anyone can join, if you are a student, start-up, scale-up, corporate, friends or (local) government.

Why this challenge?

At the core of this year’s challenge is the problem of organisations wanting to contribute to more sustainable consumer choices. They might offer some, but it is not often clear what-is-in-it for the end-consumer. How can new technologies contribute to valuable solutions that enable organisations and consumers to reap the benefits from sustainable choices and behaviours?

“The biggest challenge is always changing behaviour,” says Digital Innovation Accelerator Roos Brekelmans from Vattenfall. “That is why creating intrinsic involvement with greener lifestyle choices is so important. If I choose to fly and compensate my CO2 emissions, this should be something that I feel rewarded for. There is a huge opportunity here if we can connect ecosystems of value from different organisations to benefit a more sustainable world through consumer behaviour.”

We challenge you to develop new ways in which data from standards can accelerate the tackling of societal and environmental issues, resulting in more prosperity and well-being.

Sustainability is not only at the core of Vattenfall’s strategy – it is also a topic prevalent and current in many an organisation’s mission these days. As organisations are attempting to solve this complex challenge for themselves and their own customers, the bigger opportunity lies in a collective, overarching solution. We all benefit from a more sustainable world.

Simultaneously, there are plenty of alternatives, initiatives, options and cool business models that consumers could opt for. But most of the time, it is difficult to find the right ones. “Making sustainable choices sexy is really my personal mission,” says Roos Brekelmans. “And this starts with inspiring people with options that are just as great – if not better – than the ones they have at the moment.”

Vattenfall is inviting stakeholders and teams to push the boundaries in innovation again. “Due to the corona pandemic, the physical hackathon of Odyssey, which takes place every year in Groningen, has gone online in a beautiful 3D world in 2020,” says Vattenfall Innovation Manager Michiel Sintenie. “Last year we worked together with the team of Odyssey and digital artists on a virtual world/metaverse in which collaboration on fossil-free solutions is possible.” Now, Vattenfall, together with stakeholders, is inviting everyone to contribute in the fossil free future metaverse.