BCNL is thé community for blockchain-related startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands.

Startups and scale-ups need support, resources, talent, network and funds to make a positive impact and to be relevant. By smooth mutual cooperation and by making the Netherlands an international blockchain hub, the chance of success of promising startups and scale-ups is increased. Blockchain Netherlands is convinced that this can only be achieved if the blockchain landscape works together structurally and qualitatively, so that blockchain startups and scale-ups are better provided in their needs.

  • We represent the interests of blockchain startups and scale-ups based in the Netherlands. Our mission is to increase the chance of success by optimizing the conditions for them.
  • Provide education and awareness.
  • Make the Netherlands a leading blockchain hub in the world.
  • Connecting the Dutch blockchain ecosystem, both nationally and internationally.
  • Facilitate mutual collaboration.
  • Demonstrate to society and (international) businesses what Dutch blockchain startups and scale-ups have to offer.