‘is it Copernicus’ NFT Beer

#NFT#Beer by #Copernicus ?

You might already know the amazing ‘Is it Copernicus’ project… but there is an extra dimension to it now!

In short: Is it Copernicus is an art project that explores this new paradigm of decentralization in the digital realm with the use of NFT’s. By experimenting with shared ownership and (de)centralized governance the collective steering of money and power is explored. 

Innovative ideas, experiments and solutions are being connected to the project.

The newest? NFT Copernicus Beer! ???

The beerbrand is engineered and initiated by Hans Geldof, with support of other copernicans such as Maarten Smakman? Krijn SoetemanRudolf van EeRaoul Esseboom and others.

The beers can only be bought with #Bitcoin and are now available at Meet Berlage (Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam) and soon at more places.

You can actually become part of this experimental project and production!

#blockchain #crypto #ethereum #decentralization #beer2beer