Member interview with Authic

What does your company do?

Authic is the first exclusive NFT marketplace of the Benelux where digital artists, photographers and musicians can offer their work as NFT’s. We offer an easy-to-use platform in Dutch and English, where we make NFT’s accessible and understandable to an ever-growing user base. We believe that quality is an essential factor for the success of the NFT space in the long term and therefore we only offer NFT’s from reputable and verified artists on our platform. In addition, we assist consumers in gaining a deeper understanding of NFT’s through clear instruction videos and informative blog posts. Our strong regional focus enables us to effectively engage with NFT creators and buyers in their own language. Furthermore, we are the only NFT platform with iDEAL integration, which makes the purchase of NFT’s quicker and easier for people that are new to this space. 

How did the company start (purpose)?

Authic believes in the inherent value of NFT’s and we are certain that they will shake up the art industry forever. However, we also noticed that most of the current web3 companies and NFT platforms often overlook user experience and as a result, they often scare off new potential customers who are not as familiar with new technologies like NFT’s. We want to open up the NFT space to a wide audience and make NFT’s familiar to everyone. After being irritated by the confusing and fraud sensitive NFT platforms that are currently available, we knew we could do a better job by providing a more user friendly and safe platform to trade NFT’s. 

What are the goals and ambitions of the company?

Our aim is to make NFTs and all its applications accessible to everyone. At the moment we see that many people are still reluctant to get involved with NFTs. We want to become the NFT platform of the Benelux with regional and familiar artists, who make high quality art with lasting value for the audience. In addition, we want to help accelerate the great leap into web3 that we take as a society by educating people about the advantages that NFT’s can offer. That is what we are aiming for!

What hurdles and challenges do you experience/foresee?

Authic is currently growing at a tremendous pace. It is important to keep picking the right projects to exhibit on our platform. We have had a lot of applications on our website and many of the artists on our platform are young and relatively new in the web3 space. It is important but also at times difficult to assess quality in our business.  However, we always prioritize quality over quantity. This is how we think NFT’s can hold their greatest long-term value. Even now that we are growing rapidly, authenticity and originality must continue to prevail. With the right curators, specialized in art, photography and music, we strive to present our consumers with only the best quality NFT’s.

How can people / businesses best engage with you?

We are always open to possibilities. Artists with distinctive abilities can register through our website, after which we will contact them and see if an exhibition of their NFTs can be arranged through our platform. We are also very active on social media (Twitter, Discord, Instagram etc.) on which we can be contacted by potential buyers and people who have questions regarding our platform.