Member interview with BitStaete

What does your company do?

BitStaete carries out asset management for professional investors exclusively in the field of digital assets. In close consultation with our investors, we draw up a sophisticated and tailor-made investment strategy, and adequately maintain the investment portfolio.


Why/How did the company start?
BitStaete was founded in 2021 after a spontaneous acquaintance between like-minded Eric Nijkamp, Derin Karim and Julian Kienhuis. Derin and Julian, two Business IT & Management course mates have been working with digital assets and blockchain technology on a daily basis since 2016. After meeting investor Eric Nijkamp, experienced entrepreneur and real estate investor we quickly developed the same vision on investing responsibly in digital assets. BitStaete is there to unburden professional investors in a personal and professional way.


What are the goals and ambitions of the company?
BitStaete’s ambition is to relieve professional investors of the burden of investing responsibly and carefully in the large range of Digital Assets and transferring knowledge about blockchain technology. We do this through tailor-made asset management with a focus on education, safety and return.

Why are you part of the BCNL community?
BitStaete joined the BCNL community because we believe that sharing knowledge makes us stronger. Besides the fact that we have gained a lot of experience at different crypto companies, we would like to meet like-minded people in order to maintain an active network and be of better service to ourselves and our investors.

How can people / businesses best engage with you?
BitStaete is the right address for those interested in professional investment through active asset management in digital assets. We are pleased to invite you for an exclusive and personal meeting at our office in Villa De Haer in Oldenzaal.

You can reach us via, or via 0541 57 39 30 during office hours.