Member Interview with Blockchain for lean

What does your company do?

Blockchain for lean is specialized in process management. We offer presentations, workshops, simulations and also gamifications based on blockchain technology and validated by the Lean philosophy.

Lean is a philosophy that teaches you to get flow in value streams. Blockchain offers the infrastructure; web 3.0.

Why/How did the company start?

With Blockchain for lean we teach people to think in systems; end-to-end processes. Most business process managers are focused on improving their own processes.


With Blockchain the know-why is more important then the know-how to optimize processes. We live in a highly connected world were everbody (and things) are in some way related to each other. To get flow in value we need to increase our knowledge in system thinking. A change from push to pull systems.

What are the goals and ambitions of the company?
Helping to build a better world by informing, inspiring and connecting people with shared purpose and commitment.

What hurdles and challenges do you experience/foresee?
Blockchain is a system innovation. The problems where blockchain is a good solutions, often has no problem owner. The result of this is that the burning platform is often missing. The problems that blockchain solves are often someone else’s problem and therefore wicked problems.

Why are you part of the BCNL community?
We want to be part of the coalition of the willing. Blockchain is a community effort. What we need to do is to find the others!

How can people / businesses best engage with you?
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