Member interview with Blockminds

Member interview with Blockminds

What does your company do?

We are a publishing and consulting company in the web3 industry. We are fully self-funded, which gives us the unique freedom to speak our minds with a ‘not beating around the block’ mentality. 

On the publishing side, we write independently, with a straightforward and honest voice in the market. As a team, we also like to help projects with their voice, offering services such as graphic design, a platform for their content, and ghostwriting. 

On the consulting side, we leverage our combined experience and network to provide project vetting, fundamental -, post-launch guidance, and tailored research services. We prefer a long-term focus and deep involvement with projects we believe in with our services.  

Why/How did the company start (purpose)?

As a team, we’ve been active in blockchain for a long time, working with projects, funds, and all kinds of service providers. Through our work, we’ve noticed the interest in an independent service provider focusing on building rather than quantifying their clientele. As such we decided to combine our expertise and offer those parties all the services they might need in one place. 

We have since incorporated independently and have set up shop in The Hague Tech at Laan van NOI in the Hague! Where we work together to contribute to transparency in the web3 industry, both in the public perception and for specific stakeholders.

What are the goals and ambitions of the company?

Our ambitions are twofold; in the public perception, we aim to help separate sense from nonsense in web3, and privately we work alongside genuine projects, with both their communication and navigation through web3.

Through our experience, we’ve learned the web3 space is still a convoluted industry with a lot of back-door dynamics. The public perception frequently does not fairly represent the behind-the-scenes dynamics, and the unregulated nature of the industry has led to a risk of involvement with bad actors and predatory interests.

We believe these dynamics hold the industry back and advocate for honest cooperation with genuine involvement. We find ourselves in a unique position with an independent eye on the market and its actors. We leverage this to help bring transparency to the industry and help genuine stakeholders navigate themselves in the web3 space. 

What hurdles and challenges do you experience/foresee? (optional)

Web3 innovation allows for new levels of player autonomy, asset ownership, and simulated economies. We are collectively exploring meaningful value adds, or even alternatives, to the pre-web3 era monetization models in gaming. Coining the term play-to-earn – in an attempt to include the players/communities in the benefits created by the value of their contribution.

The excitement these new possibilities bring is significant, and we believe in their merit to reshape the gaming industry over time. But speculative secondary market dynamics have inflated certain in-game asset values beyond reason until the point that we are concerned about the discrepancy between players’ added value and the speculative value of their in-game rewards. 

We foresee a drawback to normalcy and many lessons to be learned before a more mature next wave of play-to-earn dynamics will form – that will be less speculative and form a more substantial value add to the gaming experience. This process will likely be synchronous with growing governmental oversight. 

On a more personal note, most of our previous work in the space has taken place behind closed doors, and we’re very much looking forward to tackling just this.

Why are you part of the BCNL community? 

As a team, we have been active in both the international and Dutch blockchain industry for the last several years, working alongside a wide variety of companies and initiatives. Just like BCNL, we love to connect with like-minded people who follow their passion. We are eager to stay in the loop with all things blockchain in the Netherlands and look forward to contributing our knowledge and resources to projects that inspire us.

How can people/businesses best engage with you?

We like to connect with anyone, even if our synergy is not evidently clear. Even when there is no direct business opportunity between us, there’s almost always a meaningful match in our extended networks. And we like to see such connections happen, so we happily introduce them – free of charge! 

This ‘connections first, money second’ approach has done us well thus far, and we’ll continue to uphold it as we grow. 

You can reach out to us via our socials to schedule a call, or even better, plan a personal visit! 


Twitter: @TheBlockminds

Telegram: @blockmindschat