Member Interview with HODL

What does your company do?

“ offers investors an easy and safe way to invest in a carefully selected cryptocurrency portfolio.”

Essentially, we are an asset manager that provides its investors exposure to the cryptocurrency market through AFM-registered cryptocurrency funds. Our portfolio is set up in the same way as a traditional portfolio. Via a bottom-up strategy, we create a base layer that consists of renowned digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The second layer is reserved for cryptocurrencies with a technological application with great potential, while the third layer consists of more speculative assets with strong growth expectations. Besides the investment in these assets, part of our returns come from our algorithmic trading bots and DeFi services. We do all the work, so you don’t have to!



How did the company start (purpose)? was already founded in 2017, however, back then we mostly provided workshops and seminars for investors to really grasp the concept of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain. The interest in our services kept increasing over time, so we decided to launch an extra service. Investors would be guided through the buying/selling process of cryptocurrencies and taught how to safely store their assets. In the years that followed we build an extensive network, finetuned our investment strategy, and developed the algorithmic trading bots that operate in our funds.

In 2020 the opportunity arose for funds who invested in this asset class to register at the Dutch Authority Financial Markets (AFM). We immediately started the registration process, and we became one of the first investment firms to receive an AFM registration for our Genesis fund and Consensus fund. Recently, we have successfully launched our new “Oracle Fund”, which is also registered at the AFM. We have experienced exceptional growth since the inception of the funds, and we are still looking for ways to continuously improve our services.



What are the goals and ambitions of the company?

As we mentioned before, we are experiencing exceptional growth and the funds are achieving remarkable results. If we continue this positive trend we can become the best performing fund in the Netherlands, which is certainly a wonderful goal to achieve. If we look at the bigger picture, we would like to have all kinds of investors be able to enter the funds. However, we need to work along with regulators to see what this process would look like within a legal framework. We think every cryptocurrency company is looking towards regulators to make these big steps towards mass adoption.

Besides operational goals, we really like to show investors that cryptocurrencies are a wise addition to their investment portfolio. The market is becoming more stable, and it isn’t the wild west it was a couple of years ago. More and more institutions are entering the market and the technology is being adapted at an enormous pace. With our funds, we want to make investing in cryptocurrency easy, understandable, and secure.



What hurdles and challenges do you experience/foresee?

One of the main challenges we experience with is the exponential growth we experienced over the past half-year. We grew from just the board members to 13 full-time employees. This brings a lot of administrative challenges and structuring that needs to be done within the organization. Due to the growth, there are some steps to be made with regards to efficiency and automation. Internally those are the biggest challenges.

As an industry, we feel there are several other challenges we need to overcome, such as operating in a largely unregulated market. Educating investors, the public, and regulators will be a difficult task but a necessary one.

Why are you part of the BCNL community?

The market we all operate in is still relatively young, some organizations have been in the scene longer than others, but the industry hasn’t been fully integrated with everyday life. It will take time before governments and financial institutions see the opportunities that we see. Everyone in the crypto community has the same vision, cryptocurrencies are going to change the world as we know it. To achieve this vision, we believe that we need to work together. Everyone in crypto knows that an active community is a must to survive in the market. We would like to share our knowledge and experiences with the community so that others can also succeed!

How can people/businesses best engage with you?

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