Member interview with Nash

What does your company do?

With IBAN accounts, DeFi-powered earnings and crypto trading all in one app, Nash bridges the gap between traditional and decentralized finance. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to grow their money the modern way, easily and safely.

Nash is bringing Web 3.0 to the masses. It’s already here, but most people don’t know about it yet, or feel it’s too much effort to get involved. But Web 3.0 is important, because tools like DeFi savings are a great alternative to the traditional financial system – they offer new ways for people to be able to grow their money and beat inflation.

We want the opportunities offered by Web 3.0, like high-interest earnings, to become an everyday experience. That means dramatically rethinking UX.

Nash offers a way to add national currency directly to crypto earnings protocols from your existing bank account in a single, simple transaction. We also offer traditional crypto purchases and sales with better fees than most competitors. This is all done non-custodially, so users are always in control of their own funds and can access their funds even if Nash goes offline. With additional protection from multi-party computation, security is a major feature of our platform – as it should be when dealing with people’s money. You can only get people on board if they feel secure.

And the real magic will come later this year. Nash will integrate cash accounts with IBANs into our app, along with a debit card. You’ll then be able to use Nash for your everyday needs, like receiving your salary and doing your shopping. But high-interest earnings and crypto investments will all be there in the same app, just one tap away.

That’s how you make crypto everyday.


Why/How did the company start?

Nash was originally founded in 2017 by five members of the NEO blockchain community “City of Zion”, who developed a lot of important infrastructure for the chain. The original project was to build a cross-chain Layer-2 exchange, where you could trade Bitcoin against Ethereum directly, without giving up custody of your funds to a centralized exchange like Binance. We were always very true to the original crypto vision of self-custody of funds.

With our plan for a single, all-purpose app encompassing cash accounts and easy-to-use crypto tools, we believe we can really bring the benefits of Web 3.0 to the masses. But we’ve not lost our original motivation of staying true to decentralized technology. Nash users are always using real crypto, not just numbers in our database. And that’s our goal: to make something as complicated as crypto simple and accessible for everyone, without compromising on the fundamental principles of the technology, which actually do a lot for user security.


What are the goals and ambitions of the company?

We want to become the leading financial app in Europe. Yes, it’s ambitious, and we know we have to start small, but with the products we have, it’s achievable. Crypto is still very new, and the ability to access its power from within the same app you use to buy groceries will be a revelation for many, many people. That will set us apart from the present wave of fintech apps, whose crypto offerings are still very limited. We’re starting out by targeting the Netherlands – a nation of savers who we know will be excited about our earnings products – and will gradually be expanding throughout Europe.

Why are you part of the BCNL community?

The Netherlands is our first target market, and we also have an office here, with both our CEO, CMO and a number of other team members. BCNL is perfect for us to help network, but also to organize events and spread the word about Nash within the vibrant Netherlands crypto community.

How can people / businesses best engage with you?

That depends on who you are. We’ve got a fantastic referral program coming up later this year. Nash will be offering you the chance to receive up to 1% annual interest on your friends’ earnings balances. For most people, the best thing they can do is to let others know about our app.

If you’ve got a business or marketing proposition, don’t hesitate to write to us at

We’re happy to talk about future partnerships.