Member Interview with UNVEIL

What does your company do?

UNVEIL is an art ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology to mint, buy, sell,

UNVEIL consists of 7 unique pillars

① Smart NFTs™. Which allow for flexibility of distribution keys (% of earnings artist/curator), (temporarily) connecting curators or gallerists & setting parameters around editions of art

② A royalty distribution system allowing the monetization of secondary sales for the artist providing them with long lasting revenue streams

③ Background Story. The story of the artist and the artwork is front and center using our award winning design team. The style of the artist/artwork is elegantly blended into a Digital Museum Experience

④ User Experience. We allow for easy payment gateways such as credit/debit card payments, Ideal, Klarna —alongside crypto payments. We have partnered with Mollie to make use of these traditional payment methods. Low entry UX is vital to attract the market of the traditional collector into the NFT space.

⑤ Custom Environments. Our marketplace is curated and gated. These are highly customized environments dedicated to the artist(s). The NFT environments are dedicated to the artist and collection and not an unstructured hoard of NFTs as we find in most marketplaces today.

⑥ Phygital. We aim to bridge the gap between the physical and digital space by adding Rights-to-Print™ to NFTs.

⑦ Widget. Artists can leverage their own sources and websites using our Widget. This  add-on allows for the commercial check-out process of the NFT through the existing channels of the artist.

How did the company start?

“Being a photography artist (Alexander Sporre) myself, I experienced firsthand that it is tough to make a living solely selling artworks. Only a few lucky artists have access to the buyers in the market through traditional galleries or have the qualities as a marketing specialist to promote themselves through the internet. The art world is one of the wealthiest industries – why should we have so many artists who can’t afford to live off their art?” That is why we created Unveil. Unveil’s mission is to create a fair, transparent and distributed way of bringing art photography to people.

What are the goals and ambitions of the company?

Our mission is to open up the art photography industry by providing artist photographers with an equal chance to tell their stories and make a living through their passion. Through a curated community driven marketplace, we aim to connect art photographers with worldwide collectors utilizing exciting new proponents of blockchain technology.

Why are you part of the BCNL community?

BCNL is the best association to connect, network and link with the growing ecosystem of Dutch Blockchain companies. As the blockchain industry is expanding rapidly in the Dutch market, it is important to connect to peers that have novel ideas to disrupt existing market models. A director of a large crypto exchange told us: “The success of any organization is a community which you best realize through partnerships and collaborations.” We believe BCNL can offer us just that.

How can people/businesses best engage with you?

We are happy to receive inquiries from everyone interested in art, art photography, Crypto/NFTs and are looking to share ideas and collaborate. Have a look at our sign up page for art photographers at You can also reach out to us at