We are excited to announce the partnership between Boostchain and Blockchain Netherlands (BCNL Foundation)! 🎊

Our goal is to collaborate as much as possible with Netherlands based companies that use blockchain technology. With Boostchain we’ve got a strategic partner giving us the ability to use their platform to advertise and provide growth together.

Board member Rudolf van Ee commented, “We are looking forward to welcome Boostchain to our network. By using Boostchain’s marketing solutions, we will be increasing our social reach and engagement. It also showcases what Dutch blockchain companies have to offer, which is great.”

Boostchain’s app enables users to get rewards for interacting with ads in a fun way by scanning, watching or by GPS positioning. All official BCNL community partners will get access to their app and receive a month free advertising with rewards as a try-out.

For help or any questions relating to the free advertising make sure to contact Rudolf van Ee Quincy Dagelet and we will make sure you are part of Boostchain’s first round.