BCNL Professional Circle

BCNL will cater to a fast growing need of our ecosystem members in Q3 2023, by launching an intimate Professional Circle.

An environment where expertise and intimacy converge in the exciting realm of blockchain technology. As an exclusive community, we bring together a select group of professionals who are passionate about exploring the endless possibilities of blockchain technology and its impact on various industries.

You’ll find a vibrant network of blockchain enthusiasts, including developers, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and thought leaders.

Our primary focus is to foster deep connections and provide a platform for exchanging ideas, collaborating on projects, and staying at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

Whether you’re a seasoned blockchain veteran or just beginning your journey in this transformative field, our circle offers a unique environment for personal growth and professional development.

We believe in the power of meaningful interactions and strive to create an intimate setting where members can engage in thoughtful discussions, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from industry leaders.

Through a combination of curated events, expert panels, workshops, and interactive sessions, we aim to provide our members with exclusive access to cutting-edge research, emerging trends, and practical knowledge. From exploring the latest developments in decentralized finance and tokenization to discussing the potential of blockchain in supply chain management or healthcare, our circle covers a wide range of topics within the blockchain ecosystem.

Join us in unlocking the immense potential of blockchain technology and shaping the future of industries through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the building of lasting relationships. Together, we can make a meaningful impact in the world of blockchain and beyond.

We will share more information about registration after summer.

You can indicate your interest here: