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The BCNL is thé community for startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands working on innovation in crypt, blockchain and DLT. This technology will change the world for the better. Therefore it is only fitting that we are part of what BCNL is aiming to accomplish .NL


DevOps International

Why your company is a part of BCNL community:- BCNL brings the right mix of international and local people as well as small, medium and large companies together. The community thinking, networking culture at BCNL and the people (#Rudolf) behind the initiative have been able to paint a very positive picture of blockchain for the country, while also pushing the limits. Network, Learning, support is what we like about BCNL, DevopsInternational is glad to be connected with this initiative.



Gimly has been part of the BCNL community right from its inception, because Gimly believes in collaboration and eco-system building as the main driver of meaningful innovation. Being part of the BCNL community provides an excellent opportunity for building new partnerships and strengthening the Dutch blockchain industry, both locally and internationally.



At Icoinic we think it’s important that there’s a place where the blockchain community can come together and discuss the future of the technology or educate themselves on the topic. As one of the founding partners of BCNL we believe that education is a huge step to adoption, and BCNL provides a community which is eager to learn, wants to help each other and gives startups a platform to build on.


LTO Network

To build a better world for the next generation, we need to join forces and learn from each other. We all have our own expertise and if we want to achieve something, we need to combine our expertise with other professionals in the field. It's not about being the best, it's about getting better than you were yesterday. Being part of BCNL helps us to achieve this goal.


Maven 11 Capital

Being part of the BCNL community helps us in our ambition to contribute to the rapidly evolving blockchain industry by actively sharing our in-depth research and insights with all stakeholders and support entrepreneurial teams by leveraging our network and access to capital.



Nxchange wants to actively support and improve the dutch blockchain ecosystem



We believe that empowering the Dutch ecosystem with blockchain-agnostic tools is essential for the future of decentralized systems.



The BCNL Foundation is the ideal place to learn from peers in the blockchain space. The events are of exceptional quality and result in meaningful connections. We're very excited to be part of this ecosystem.



We believe that distributed ledger technology change the way we invest in companies. It enables us to apply a total new way of funding the next wave of tech & impact companies in a very cost effective way with less chances on failures. It also solves one of the major problems in early stage investing: liquidity.



Blockchain isn't about companies, it's a movement. Being part of BCNL is a great step towards being part of AND creating a healthy and inspiring ecosystem, and having a healthy ecosystem is part of our mission. Only together we can fix the broken web.



BCNL merges the different blockchain communities within the Netherlands