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Beemup builds an open metaverse ecosystem by letting artists, brands and companies successfully build metaspaces in Unreal Engine. We help companies host fun events and experiences in their metaspaces and bring fans into them, and then connect their metaspaces to the YOM ecosystem.

YOM stands for Your Open Metaverse. In this, Beemup is simply the metaspace hosting platform on the back end, not a ‘Big Tech-portal to the metaverse’ on the front end.

What is the metaverse? The metaverse is a place where your digital life becomes real. It's not just a place for entertainment, but also for education, work, and life itself. The metaverse is one of the most exciting new technology trends that will shape our lives in the coming years. However, as with any technology, it can be misused or abused. Today, there are many different kinds of virtual worlds out there. With our Your Open Metaverse (YOM) community we aim to create a more open and accessible metaverse. The idea behind YOM is simple: The metaverse should be available to everyone, and should allow users to control their own data.


We joined BCNL because we want to help bridge the gap between the world of metaverse and blockchain and B2B and government. There is an awful lot of potential in these new technologies and we want to be a role model in using blockchain for good causes. We believe in BCNL's approach of connecting different parties with different backgrounds and bringing them closer together.
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Alex van der Baan, Daniël van der Waals
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