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We are a publishing and consulting company in the web3 industry. We are fully self-funded, which gives us the unique freedom to speak our minds with a ‘not beating around the block’ mentality.

On the publishing side, we write independently, with a straightforward and honest voice in the market. As a team we also like to help projects with their own voice, offering services such as graphic design, a platform for their content, and ghostwriting.

On the consulting side, we leverage our combined experience and network to provide project vetting, fundamental -, post-launch guidance, and tailored research services.

Our purpose is to contribute to transparency in the web3 industry, both in the public perception as well as for specific stakeholders. And with our services, we prefer a long-term focus, and deep involvement with projects we believe in.


As a team we have been active in both the international and Dutch blockchain industry for the last several years, working alongside a wide variety of companies and initiatives. We are joining BCNL as we are eager to stay in the loop with all things Blockchain in the Netherlands, and want to contribute our knowledge and resources to the Dutch blockchain ecosystem where we can!
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