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Fung Payments

Fung was founded with the idea of unifying the crypto and fiat payment rails in order to provide a seamless experience for users and enhance the security and reliability of the current solutions. The existing payments technology consists of a patchwork of systems built on outdated infrastructure.Our goal is to become the one-stop solution that helps businesses in the new economy grow and evolve, comply with the ever-changing legal requirements and ensure business continuity. As a result, Fung will become the crypto-native payments platform especially built for the next era of paying online.
Fung’s offering is geared toward merchants (legal entities and sole traders) to help them improve the payment experience and methods they are offering to their customers (buyers). Furthermore, since Fung provides a unified checkout experience with both digital & fiat payment methods, it has also designed a product for buyers to enable them to pay with their preferred digital currency.


"The reason why BCNL membership was at the top of our priorities is that we strongly believe that we can achieve innovation and advancement only via mutual cooperation. This is one of the core aims of the BNCL and the basis for which we desire to take our place and leave our mark in the Dutch blockchain and crypto ecosystem." Andrei Valeanu - Founder and CLCO
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