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Montro Collectibles

Montro Collectibles, a Montro venture, is a platform developing Web3 products for the luxury watch market. At launch, we will enable the co-ownership of high-end watches with asset-backed NFTs. Users can collectively buy watches directly from certified watch dealers, such as Schaap & Citroen.

Other products on our roadmap are NFT authentication for pre-owned watches on, membership NFTs on Montro Collectibles, DeFi stock financing solution for smaller watch dealers, indices for luxury watches, and watch valuation.


"As a startup in the Web3 space, we realize the importance of collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs. We are on this ride together, and all strive to stimulate Web3 adoption worldwide.

Our niche focuses on the luxury watch market, with our initial mission to democratize ownership of high-end timepieces. With the launch of our platform, watch enthusiasts can co-own rare collectibles unattainable in the market's current state.

We look forward to connecting with other branches in the Web3 space, hearing their stories, and improving the industry together."
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