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Ocean Blue Foundation

Ocean Blue believes that decentralised, self-sovereign platforms bring about robust systems that greatly simplify the exchange of value in regulated financial markets whilst allowing compliance with regulations to be met.

In order to achieve this vision we:

- issue grants in order to develop, support and finance the building of decentralised, self-sovereign platforms for the regulated financial markets.
- support and fund lobbying efforts that promote and support the development of decentralised platforms by engaging with regulators, policymakers and the wider community.
- work closely with partners to ensure the success of the projects we fund


"Tgrade is a sovereign, public permissionless, blockchain aimed at enabling regulated, financial companies build business on blockchain while addressing compliance issues . Stichting Ocean Blue is registered in Amsterdam as is the legal entity behind Tgrade.

Tgrade, and Ocean Blue are interested in partnering with other projects, share knowledge, and contribute to the discussions around regulations such as AML and MiCA."
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