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Share Council

Share Council's mission is to close the capital wealth gap by making every employee co-owner of the company they work for. With 64% of European wealth being in the hands of just 10% of its population, we know this is not the case, especially for underrepresented SME employees, which is 80% of the working population.

Share Council helps entrepreneurs easily and seamlessly distribute shares to their employees, empowering them to become co-owners and benefit from the company's success. The platform helps SMEs more efficiently by arranging and streamlining all the processes and administration regarding employee participation and stakeholder participation in general. It fosters co-ownership and the state of belonging.

Share Council believes that businesses have a responsibility to do more than just make a profit. By empowering employees to become co-owners, we're creating a more equitable society and building a better future with a fair share for everyone.


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