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Since 1998, Subvention has been the independent subsidy consultancy in the field of ICT (specialists in blockchain and AI), Real Estate, Industry, Housing Corporations, and Agriculture. We inform our customers about subsidy options, apply for subsidies, and take care of the entire administrative process. We also take over the project management from you to unburden you as a customer.

Knowledge of your industry

We are naturally curious about you and your ambitions. This is reflected in our way of thinking along. Our advisors all have years of party experience in the industry and have knowledge of what is going on in the industry.

Complete care of your subsidy process

Our services consist of project management and the management of complex subsidy processes. For large projects, a subsidy application often consists of a complete project plan with a financial and/or technical section, which must be of good quality.

We also support the implementation of a project plan and the setting up of a financial and administrative project organization and we have numerous connections and partners to put together consortia. Subvention is the bridge between you and subsidy providers. We go for the maximum result for our customers.


The main goal of Subvention is to support customers in the field of innovation and sustainability. We do this through a specialist approach based on experts with years of knowledge and experience in the industry. We see a very important role for Blockchain in this sustainability and innovation drive that society must make. Kaj Kruize is our expert in the field of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence with several years as a programmer with his previous employers and programming experience in setting up nodes and smart contracts in Solidity as a 'hobby programmer'. He sees that these two techniques can reinforce each other. In Kaj's view, this technology is still on the cusp of a world-changing revolution, and those who turn to it are, in his opinion, "pioneers towards an open, independent, decentralized and trustworthy world." The quality and reliability of data and its openness are crucial here and Blockchain is the key in his opinion. To be at the forefront of making the match between innovations and subsidy opportunities to (partially) finance these innovations, we believe it is vital to be part of this.
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