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Thrilld Labs

Thrilld is a free and open-access business app that allows Web3 projects, professional investors, developers, and Web3 service providers from around the world to find each other and talk synergies in a streamlined manner. Instantly.
With Thrilld, you can talk funding, partnerships, deal flow, B2B collabs, jobs, or any other Web3 synergy through consensual synergies and private and secure chats. Present yourself or your company and gain traction from the right people, wherever you are and regardless of your background in the space.
Thrilld also functions as a full-fledged Web3 event-networking solution, allowing everyone in the Web3 community to find each other in a tailored manner and network before, after, and during an event without hassle.


Growth in Web3 is much about finding tailored synergies, creating new business solutions, and collaborating - a vision shared by Thrilld Labs and BCNL. Our alliance amplifies our networks, thereby emphasizing the criticality of strategic partnerships in the space. As a fully distributed company with Dutch roots, we are especially keen to join and serve BCNL's meet-ups and events; this is where the best synergies happen in real-time.
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