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BCNL Foundation is the oldest and largest ecosystem of decentralized technologies (Blockchain, Crypto, NFT, Defi, Tokenization, Digital Assets) in the Netherlands. We bring together all professionals, change makers, thought leaders, startups, corporates, educators and innovators in one thriving ecosystem.

Our foundation has ~100 startup/scaleup members, working together on growing, developing and showcasing the Dutch web3 activities and individuals to the world. The entire organization is run by volunteers, supported by partners and members.

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 250 euro ex VAT for 1 year membership and start leveraging the participation. There are no obligations around this membership.


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Why others joined

This is what our members say:

“As the blockchain authority in The Netherlands, BCNL is the network for mintBlue to be in. mintBlue’s blockchain APIs supports businesses and developers in the ecosystem to build applications that have no reliance on external parties.” 
– mintBlue

“We want to be part of the community. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”
– Byont

“BCNL is all about connecting, sharing, and spreading knowledge. They share knowledge through self-organized webinars and events and lay the foundation for a good business relationship amongst all partners and community members.” 

– Cryptotakkies

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Costs of the membership

The membership costs are 250 euro for the membership of 2023-2024.

If you become member after 1-7, the membership is 150 euros for the rest of 2023.

Join the BCNL community and start leveraging the benefits today!

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Why other startups have joined BCNL:

“Only together we can successfully implement decentralized businesses and communities. Startups and scale-ups deserve the best possible conditions to deliver great solutions to business and society. We do this by providing information, bringing people together and leveraging a global network of partners.
Rudolf van Ee
Founder of BCNL
“Blockchain isn’t about companies, it’s a movement. Being part of BCNL is a great step towards being part of AND creating a healthy and inspiring ecosystem, and having a healthy ecosystem is part of our mission. Only together we can fix the broken web.”
Sebastiaan van der Lans
Founder and CEO
“Being part of the BCNL community helps us in our ambition to contribute to the rapidly evolving blockchain industry by actively sharing our in-depth research and insights with all stakeholders and support entrepreneurial teams by leveraging our network and access to capital.“
Joost van der Plas
CEO Maven 11
“We joined BCNL because the community within The Netherlands is innovative and knows we can’t do it alone anymore. Together in co-creation we are able to deliver as a community something others only dream of.”
Sebastian Boender
Founder of Sphereon
“The BCNL is thé community for startups and scale-ups in the Netherlands working on innovation in crypto, blockchain and DLT. This technology will change the world for the better. Therefore it is only fitting that we are part of what BCNL is aiming to accomplish.”
Hjalmar van der Schaaf
CEO of Cargoledger
“As a company co-founded by two Dutch teams with a long and versatile history in blockchain technology, we greatly appreciate being part of the continuously expanding BCNL community, and look forward to growing blockchain technology in the Netherlands and beyond.”
Rhett Oudkerk Pool
CEO of Zaisan
“BCNL brings the right mix of international and local people as well as small, medium and large companies together. The community thinking, networking culture at BCNL and the people behind the initiative have been able to paint a very positive picture of blockchain for the country, while also pushing the limits. Network, Learning, support is what we like about BCNL, DevopsInternational is glad to be connected with this initiative.”
Vikas Pandey
CTO of DevOps International
“It’s our goal to grow the ecosystem in the Netherlands. Together with the BCNL Foundation and other associates we raise the awareness for crypto and blockchain technology.”
Christiaan Jimmink
Marketing Manager of Bitcoin Meester

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