Taskforce Education

The BCNL Education Taskforce is a dedicated group of individuals who are determined to bridge the gap between Web3 education and employment opportunities within organizations. Recognizing the abundance of talent and the increasing demand for such skills, the taskforce aims to address the lack of educational avenues that provide the necessary training and knowledge in existing institutions.

Our mission is to actively promote the value of embracing Web3 as crucial content for educational institutions, both in theory and practice. We believe that by raising awareness, building bridges, and connecting with the right people, we can create better opportunities for talented students to acquire the skills required by the evolving job market.

Committee Members:

Maarten de Borst:
Maarten has been involved in crypto and blockchain education for HBO since 2017 and has written two books on the subject. The most recent was published by education publisher Noordhoff.

Raoul Esseboom:
Raoul is the founder of CryptoTakkies, a platform dedicated to bringing Web3 education to individuals from diverse backgrounds. His primary emphasis lies in practical education, ensuring that learners gain hands-on experience and practical skills to thrive in the Web3 industry.

Maxime Lubbers:
Maxime leverages her extensive corporate and academic network to build valuable bridges between the education sector and Web3 organizations. Additionally, she acts as an ambassador for Humane Technology Principles, advocating for ethical and responsible technology use within educational settings.

Together, the BCNL Education Taskforce committee members combine their unique expertise to foster collaboration, raise awareness, and facilitate the integration of Web3 education within the educational ecosystem of the Netherlands.