The Blockchain community in the Netherlands

The blockchain community in the Netherlands has grown enormously in recent years. Just about every time Bitcoin skyrocketed, it also gained more media attention. The same goes for the recent defi and NFT booms. As the metaverse looks like the next application of blockchain technology that will bring about enormous innovation, the blockchain community is only going to grow in numbers. But what exactly characterizes this blockchain community? And how can you be part of this?

The blockchain community in the Netherlands grows significantly in numbers every time a specific innovation takes place. When you realize what opportunities blockchain technology offers, it is almost impossible not to get excited. Increasingly, this also creates entire local blockchain groups. For example, within your group of friends, family or in the immediate geographical environment. The following applies to virtually every blockchain community:

• Interest in innovative technologies
• Need to connect with like-minded people
• Share information about potential investment options

Is this something you identify with? Then you would do well to become part of the blockchain community in the Netherlands; the BCNL foundation.

Characteristics of the blockchain ecosystem

The blockchain ecosystem is characterized by a number of typical properties. This concerns, for example:
• Decentralization: The rise of the blockchain is largely due to the need for decentralization. This means that there is not one body or organization that is in control. For example, there is no “company” that makes and distributes Bitcoin. In contrast to that method, it is fixed forever how many Bitcoins are available, how it works and that there is not just one owner. The blockchain as a data structure makes this possible.

• Sharing knowledge: Within the blockchain ecosystem, it is noticeable that people are eager to learn. People are interested in this innovative technology. As a result, a very inquisitive community quickly emerged. It is still expanding every year. Blockchain events and blockchain communities contribute to broadening the available knowledge on this subject.

• Many startups: Since blockchain technology is still relatively young, entrepreneurs see a lot of potential in it. This leads to a significant increase in numbers in terms of blockchain companies. We see that many start-ups are emerging that are embracing and applying blockchain technology in specific ways. Due to the great applicability and the many innovations, many start-ups continue to arise.

The future of the blockchain ecosystem

The consensus is that the blockchain ecosystem has a golden future. The upward trend of recent years does not appear to be leveling off. Certainly not in terms of the size of the industry as a whole. With the introduction of NFTs, for example, a relevant application of blockchain technology is available to a huge number of companies in one fell swoop. It offers huge opportunities for different companies to delve into NFTs, crypto and blockchain technology in general.
In addition, interest in the metaverse has increased significantly recently. A virtual world where people will spend an increasing amount of their time. Especially when there is more and more to do here. In any case, the investments are already very significant at the moment. The fact that the company Facebook has changed its name to Meta says it all.

Become a member of BCNL: The largest blockchain community in the Netherlands

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