Webinar recording: BCNL – Hyperledger Telco with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom

Here is the recording of our most recent webinar:

BCNL Webinar: Hyperledger Telco with Telefonica and Deutsche Telekom

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During this webinar, Alfonso de la Rocha from Telefonica and Andreas Sommerwerk from Deutsche Telekom, will share their Telco projects and experience built on Hyperledger.

#1 Telefonica:
‘Going into production! Performance Best Practices in Hyperledger Fabric’

“Hyperledger Fabric is getting traction in the corporate world, with more and more companies deploying Hyperledger Fabric-based projects and PoCs. PoCs are easy and great to validate use cases and see the benefits of blockchain technology, but the problem comes when we want to move these validated PoCs into production. One of the main limitations we found at a big company such as Telefónica to get our PoCs into production is the lack of performance best practices. We wanted to get the most out of our blockchain-based systems and design an infrastructure capable of accommodating and scaling to future loads.

After an extensive work of analysis and performance evaluations, we managed to put together a set of performance best practices for Hyperldeger Fabric-based systems that we are using internally to consider when we want to move into production. The aim of this talk is to share with the community the results of our work and, hopefully, open a discussion about open challenges to enhance the transition of Fabric-based systems from development to production.”

#2 Deutsche Telekom:
“Together with other major partners, Telekom Innovation Laboratories has created a solution based on Hyperledger Fabric that allows operators to easily generate and sign secure, inter-operator discount agreements. This talk will give an intro to the project and will also touch upon all the other aspects to keep in mind when taking such an endeavor from the prototyping stage into production.”

A special thanks to:

David Boswell from The Linux Foundation,
Andreas Sommerwerk from Deutsche Telekom and,
Alfonso de la Rocha from Telefonica

for making this possible!

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