Webinar recording: Secure and private communication when working remotely

Here is the recording of our most recent webinar:

The remote work will grow together with the challenges related to it.

– How could blockchain help in addressing and solving security issues when exchanging data with our business partners?
– Is there a conflict between the full traceability of transactions and the privacy of the users?
– How to track all interactions with data and share files in a risk-free environment?
– How businesses could optimize processes by migrating to blockchain-powered infrastructure and taking advantage of digital identity?
– What are the benefits of the virtualized legal process with provable digital evidence?

These are some of the major topics that will be covered in the webinar “Secure and private communication when working remotely”.
Emiliyan Enev and Emil Stoyanov from ReCheck BV will share their insights and lessons learned when developing the plug and play blockchain kit ReCheck. ReCheck enables users to exchange sensitive data with ultimate privacy and security. On the other hand, the company developed SDK for recording, verifying and transferring data on blockchain.

// About the speakers //

Emiliyan Enev – CEO
Emiliyan is an entrepreneur and business developer with previous experience in senior management positions in three companies and a bilateral Chamber of Commerce. He is the leader of the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and has launched successfully several new projects in the last 5 years – a platform for mobile marketing, a co-working space and a technology hub for startup fostering and incubation. He is a winner in the category “Technological development” in the competition “The Outstanding Young Persons of Bulgaria 2018”, organised by JCI Bulgaria. As a regular speaker at blockchain and business events he advocates the potential of emerging technologies to create new business models. With ReCheck Emiliyan is determined to contribute to the practical application of the blockchain technology as a means of transparent environment for secure transactions.

Emil Stoyanov – CTO
Emil is a seasoned software engineer and software product manager who has more than 15 years of experience in developing academic and business projects. He defended his PhD in Software Architectures for Distributed Product Development at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2015 a significant focus in the research and development activities of Emil has been the area of blockchain technologies. He created several products (incl. ETHIDENT.COM and RECHECK.IO), which utilize the potential of the blockchain technology in real-world applications.

Link to website: https://recheck.io/

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